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GE announced the acquisition of the Lake company for $30 million.


Curdken was very angry, and wouldn't speak to her.


He is very sad.

Just brush your hair.

When two people are forced into a marriage of convenience, they will be an unhappy, bickering couple until the very end.

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I want to go fishing.


Shakil ordered a beer.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

There's definitely something wrong.

Juri is looking for someone to help him translate a document from French into English.

Seal the doors.

Stacy always deceives us; I don't trust him.

I have no recollection of what happened. The whole thing is so fuzzy to me.

The bread I got from my neighbor, Mr. Yamada, had a soft texture, and my father, who prefers hard bread, was sure to dislike it.

He received a pair of shoes for nothing.

Which drinks don't you like?

Are we ready to eat?


I am tied to my desk and chair.


The fronts of the houses were hung with flags.


It's an advantage to be good looking.

You know what I'm talking about.

Jagath wrote a scathing review of Claudio's book.


What are you hiding?

The weakest go to the wall.

My dad took my toy out of my hands.

On the whole, the elite are not sensitive to criticism.

Shyam just laughed.

You seem to have an infection.

He's stupid.


Every successful repetition spoke favorably for the quality of the first test.

She loves art.

One is never too old to learn.

Translate this into English, please.

He is jealous.

Let's talk about this tomorrow.

He urged them to come to an agreement.

If by any chance it rains tomorrow, they will not go.

Studies show that once the basic needs of shelter and food are met, additional wealth adds very little to happiness.

I know Bart isn't happy here.

Ronni hasn't budged for over an hour.

My coffee needs just a tad more sugar.

They'll be here soon.

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They beat them.


Roman and Brent got married three months later.

Bill was killed by a burglar.

It is new.

When I was your age, I thought the same way as you about this issue.

Alex is the only one here that I know.


I feel bad for him.

Jerald forgot to tell us not to drink the tap water.

The trendy word of the year was "digital": digital clocks, digital microwave ovens, even digital fountain pens.


Vladimir lives near me.

Don't be smug! You could have hurt yourself.

That sounds pretty good.

Dawn told his son not to eat with his mouth open.

Venkata, there's a telephone call for you.


In pregnancy, the first three months are the most critical.

I see you had your homework ready before dinner.

I thought you had a meeting at 2:30.

Why do you sniff things you see on the ground?

I passed the exam without studying.

Ragnar said that he would have called you later.

Sylvia loved the concerts.

She's wearing tights.

Did you know Hotta was unhappy?


If I had enough money, I would buy the book.

I can figure out what he is trying to say.

While he was talking, I guess I was absent-minded.


I have no leisure to study.


It's great for families.


Don't you ever say that again.

Bananas are energizing.

The question is who will make the decision.


You have the freedom to travel wherever you like.

Grounding and other bog-standard punishments didn't get through to his son at all.

It will be four years before the definite result of beef liberalization emerges.


Tell them you're sick.

It was never hard for us to find something to talk about.

They say it's impossible.


I thought I smelled bacon.

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She shuddered at the thought of snakes.

Sorry? Pardon?

"Lately, I've become close friends with Lynn." "Oh, that's good!"

We must begin before five.

No matter what you say, I did see the man.


Terri saw Sharon again.

It's been warm the last few days.

I don't feel like studying right now.

Dalton hopped in the front seat.

They've spotted us.

Linguistics is the discipline which aims to describe language.

I can't sell it for love or money.

My grandmother became sick last week.

That's a constructive suggestion!

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The owls foretell the death.

Write an article based on your own experiences abroad or other people's in your own country.

He was obviously in pain.

I'm curious about one thing.

Whoever saw the movie was shocked.


It's not out yet.

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She comes from France.

The city of Rome is famous.

I'll see this doesn't happen again.

It's not natural.

I resent that.

I want them out of my life.

Golf is boring.

He is not my son, but my nephew.

No love without envy.

I'm not having you boss me around, man.

This land belongs to them.

It was 30% off during the sale.

We need to speak to you.

Who did Pizarro kill?

I was persuaded to stop smoking.

Don't believe everything you hear about the special forces.

She decided to study abroad.

Sam finished his drink and asked for another one.

Where is the other end of this thread?

It was similar in some ways to soccer which is played today.

We have to eat.

Dan didn't even take basic anatomy classes.

I have no intention of sharing my ice cream with you.

Why are we protecting them?

I know a place where we can get a drink.

Belinda took a picture of her cat with her cellphone.

Are you going to learn English?

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We're dealing with that right now.

All of us must die some day.

"I can't believe that they sleep together!" "Why not? It's perfectly normal to take a teddy bear to bed with you."

How did you get like this?

There's still a chance that Matthias might not have to spend time in prison.

The VAT in Germany is 19 per cent.

Ninja has as much right to be here as Mysore does.

A Japanese child is a member of a group even while sleeping.

I like to shop at that department store.

We have things to do.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.

My house is covered by insurance.

He has his own room.

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He told me that he needs space.

Hurry up, the summer is almost over...

It's not hard to stand out when you're surrounded by idiots.

He noticed I was there.

I guess Bonnie didn't find it.

When are you going to meet with Heinrich?

Hugh doesn't fit in here at all.

I'll give you as much money as you want.

Sydney has a beautiful natural harbor.

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Beckie is a nudist.

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Was anyone else injured?


Nora felt quite alone.


Avery is wasting time.

We're well aware that it's a hard time now.

Speaking the truth is not a crime.

Can you show me the way please?

What's the purpose of all this commotion?


I saw Carl holding hands with Rainer.

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Yumiko belongs to the tennis club.

Five fire engines rushed to the scene of the fire.

He's a very sweet guy.

We are not on the earth forever, but only for a time.

Should that happen, what we would do then is run.

I feel like Jisheng is just using me.

Why do you put up with that?